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Tour/Production Management

Our Tour and Production Managers can deliver your project whether it's a one off event or a full worldwide tour. 

The smooth running of a tour is dependent on meticulous planning and sound decision making throughout the project. Having the right person to lead the team is essential to ensuring the smooth coordination between the many suppliers and personnel on the road. The right person at the helm can be the difference between a difficult and costly tour, and an enjoyable and profitable one. 

Clubs, Theatres, Festivals, Arenas or Stadiums. We have highly experienced Tour and Production Managers for every level of event. 

Tour Production


We can prepare Budgets and offer a complete Accounting Service for your Event, Tour or Production. 

Experience shows that a successful tour needs to be built on sound financial planning. We can help you plan and anticipate your costs to fit with your budget so there are no nasty surprises. We are experienced in dealing with multiple currencies and can advise you on areas such as withholding tax and insurance. 

Pre-tour budgeting is only part of the process. We can help you with payment schedules and cash float payments throughout your tour as well as full expenditure reporting when the tour is over. Our Touring Solutions team will be with you every step of the way. 



We can offer all the equipment that you will need to create your Production, Event or Tour.

Through our partnership deals with many of the industry’s main equipment suppliers we are able to provide everything you need for your project. Whether you need a small Backline package or a full touring production you can be assured that our team will deliver the very best solution to suit your design and budget. Contact us today to see how our team can help you design, coordinate, and build your show. 



We have a team of highly experienced and dedicated people who are passionate about the industry and delivering a world class service to our clients. 

Our team have worked together on many different events world-wide and our collective experience means we will always have the solutions, expertise and understanding to support and guide you through the complexities of your project, no matter what. 

If you are looking for personnel for your tour we also have a roster of experienced freelance technicians we work closely with. Whatever your personnel requirements we are always available and never too far away from you. 



Shipping & Storage

We can offer the best multimodal logistics solution anywhere in the world! 

Touring Solutions can provide all Air, Road & Sea Freight solutions for your tour or event. Through our global network of partners, our agents and specialist “on-ground” personnel will assist you with logistics movements wherever you are in the world. 

Need somewhere to store your equipment between tours…no problem! We can provide you with short or long term storage solutions at our secure storage sites near London Heathrow & London Gatwick Airports. 

Contact us to see how we can help with all your logistics needs. 



We can plan and provide transportation for your team and equipment worldwide. 

Through our partnerships we can supply your events with all modes of transport from Equipment Vans to Trucks, MPV’s and Splitters to luxury Tour Buses, scheduled flights to Charter aircraft. 

Whatever your needs we can provide you with the mode of transport that best suits your tour and your budget. 


ATA Carnets

We can prepare ATA Carnets ‘in house’ same day! 

If you are shipping tour equipment worldwide then you will most likely need an ATA carnet at some point on the journey. We will help you collate all the information required and process the documents and bond application ensuring your equipment moves are smooth and trouble free through border controls. We process the documents ‘In house’ and can even arrange same day turnaround and delivery if necessary. 

ATA Carnets

CAD & Design Services

We can create CAD drawings for all stages of your set design and rigging plots. 

Through collaboration with your design team and technical directors we will work with you to produce clear and accurate drawings for your project. We can work with you through all stages of the design process and create detailed CAD drawings for construction, transport methods and installation. 

CAD Design
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